Swiss Chard Scramble

When I ate brunch at Black Pearl Restaurant on Sunday, I noticed they had a number of dishes called "scrambles". While they included eggs in the scramble, they were less about the eggs, and more about the combined other ingredients. I decided to make my own for lunch the other day in an effort to begin using some of the Swiss chard I had harvested from my garden.
My version of a scramble had just a few ingredients - Swiss chard, red onion, eggs (from my CSA farm), and a little Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The reason I have 3 eggs for a single serving is that I like to combine one whole egg with 2 more egg whites for a slightly healthier mix - but feel free to use whichever parts of the eggs in whatever quantity makes you happy!
I did a rough chop on the Swiss chard......and then sauteed it with the red onion in a nonstick skillet for a couple of minutes until it was wilted down, then added the eggs and cooked everything together until the eggs were just barely cooked. Finally, I sprinkled it with just a little Parmigiano for some cheesy flavor. Voila - not bad for a quick lunch or breakfast!


finsmom said...

What a tasty and healthy breakfast!

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