Sea Salt

People often ask me what type of salt I use for cooking and I quickly answer, "Sea salt." But that's really too simplistic of an answer. Sea salt comes in many varieties, something I learned by taste when I first purchased this salt cellar and a collection of sea salts from Williams Sonoma.
According to their website where you can order this collection, "From Hawaii, the Haleakala red and Kilauea black salts are well suited to serving alongside fish dishes as well as tropical fruits. The peach-colored salt flakes from Australia have a rich yet delicate flavor. Mild in flavor and a favorite with chefs, the pyramid-shaped white flakes are hand harvested from the coastal waters of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus." I personally love to crumble these delicate white flakes over just about anything.
The black one will surprise your palate - it's definitely got a taste of the ocean in it, almost like a fishy brine. I used it once on an appetizer of yellowtail crudo that I drizzled with a Meyer lemon oil and then finished with just a few of the sea salt crystals on top. Fabulous!
These salts don't come cheap and I only use them as a finishing salt on a dish. Stay tuned for the next post about other types of salt and what they are appropriate for!


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