Corn with Basil Butter

I know it's jumping the gun a little to begin offering recipe ideas for corn on the cob - we're barely into the safety zone to plant corn in CO, much less harvest it! But I needed to shoot this for an upcoming article, so I'm sharing the recipe with you today. Few things pair better than basil with corn, and it all starts with a fabulous basil compound butter.

Start by mixing in about 1/4 cup of basil that has been chopped or finely sliced into two sticks of softened butter. I add a bit extra sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper as well. Either scoop it all into a serving dish as I've done here or roll it into a log between some layers of plastic wrap and refrigerate it.
You can prepare your corn any way you like - steamed, boiled, grilled - and then serve it up piping hot with some basil butter. It won't disappoint, I promise!


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