Cola Roast

So sorry I've been away from the blog - I've just spent 4 days sequestered in the mountains packing my parents to move. No cell phone service, no laptop, just lots of paper cuts, chapped hands, bruises and aches! Fortunately I made this roast before I went so I can share the photos and technique with you. Something about packing up my mom's cookbooks has made me think about retro dishes, so I went in search of a Cola Roast - sounds bizarre, but it was good, trust me!
I started with a nice grass-fed rump roast of beef which I butterflied open to get a thick cut like this, then seasoned it well with salt and pepper.
Next I sliced up about a pound of crimini mushrooms - sometimes called Baby Bellas. I like them better than white button mushrooms, but you could use them as well.I set the mushrooms aside while I seared the roast - you'll want to use a Dutch oven or a heavy bottom skillet with a tight fitting lid. Don't mess with it or turn it until you get this nicely browned look on the meat.Next I tossed in all of those halve crimini mushrooms...
...along with the magic ingredients: 1 cup Coca Cola, 1 can chicken broth, and 2 cans condensed mushroom soup (I know, I rarely cook this way, but hey, this is how they rolled circa 1965 when I got my start in the kitchen!).
And then my mom's magic ingredient: Kitchen Bouquet. I think it's like a gravy flavor enhancer, a little like demi glace only a heck of a lot cheaper.
Let it all braise in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours and then dig in!
I promise to move on to some more spring like recipes as soon as I get my parents moved in and I get my grill rebuilt from the fire! M.


Jeanine said...

Hey I am going to try this one night this week! This sounds great, for Easter I just did a creme soda and brown sugar glaze for my hams and it came out fabulous, wanted to try it on my salmon, however I realized I used all the sugar last night!!!

P.S. Kitchen Bouquet is also one of my favorite secrets!

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