Sushi 101

I went to a sushi cooking class this week because a, I love sushi, and b, I was convinced this was some really difficult thing to make and I wanted to learn from an expert. Well, I did have an expert sushi chef from Boulder who taught the class - he was great, I learned alot, and it was delicious, but I was shocked at how relatively easy sushi was to make.

Are you interested in a sushi cooking class? Send me a comment (below) or email me and based on the interest level I'll pull something together in the next month or two. I ate so much sushi in the last two days that I need a few weeks before I dive in again!


Jeanine said...

Hey Michele!

I want a sushi class!!!! In fact, I contacted our sushi chef at our favorite sushi restaurant and asked him to come up to our mountain and give a sushi class, however, at $40.00 per person with a 10 person minimum, well let's say, I WANT TO TRY IT OWN MY OWN!!! I have some GREAT ideas on a sushi party with the special white plates, sending the invitations on the rice roll mat, give aways at the party, i.e. sushi cookbooks, sushi chef pants, novels regarding sushi club, etc. got the idea now to get the instructions!!!!

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